Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Culture Clash and His Words

Marami talaga ang pagkakaiba nating mga pinoy sa amerikano o kaya mexicano. Example if a fly suddenly appears when you guys are eating. They would normally freak out and try to do something to get rid of the fly and say "I hate flies." For us average Filipino's its a part of our life to eat with flies hanging around. We don't really care that much. It's normal. Minsan sa karinderia sahog pa yan sa lugaw. Lols.

We filipino's have pamalo para sa langaw, minsan naman we will light up a candle para mawala ang flies. Which I think it actually works. One time when we were eating at a party there's a lot of flies. So a Mexican friend said "I'll go get a bag of water and put pennies on it." "For what?" we asked. He answered "Flies don't like that." And we were like "Lol what the?"

Another example. I have a housemate he is American. One day he asked me "What is this thing doing in the toilet? What do you use this for? (he is referring to water dipper or tabo). I didn't actually responded to his question correctly, I just said "Just leave it there, I use it every time I use the toilet so leave it alone don't mess with it!" Napa okay na lang siya. Americans are fond of using toilet papers kase pamunas ng pwet. Mas pakiramdam ko mas malinis kase kapag binuhasan pa rin ng tubig ang pwet. Lol. Wala pa ring tatalo sa tabo! big time!

Mexicans naman treat avocado's like how we treat tomatoes. They put it in the sandwich, they dip their nachos in it (guacamole), they put it every where!  I know a Mexican guy who can't eat without avocado. I mean I can live without eating avocados for 10 years. Lols. One time he saw me putting milk on my avocado. He was like "Wait wait wait what are you doing? That is grose!" I said "No! This is good! You should try it!" He ran away from me and he said he feels like throwing up. Like what I said they treat avocado like how we treat tomatoes. Masusuka din ako pag lalagyan niya ng milk ang kamatis ah!

For Indians naman. Thank God wala pa akong kaibigang Indian. Pero everytime talaga na may nakakasalubong ako eh gusto ko tanungin kung wala ba sa daily routines nila ang pagligo. Ambabaho eh. Not all naman but I think most of them. Ni wala nga sa bucket list ko ang kumain sa Indian Restaurant kase maamoy ko pa lang parang hihimatayin na ako. Yung mga Chinese naman maka kain ng uod at fetus maryahosepmaryano! Anyway. . .we still need to respect each other and value individuals culture. :)

Anyhow, inihaw kahit iba iba pa tayo ng culture, iba iba man ang mga nakasanayang gawin at hindi gawin. One thing is for sure! The word of God is the word of God. It's for all the people! Whether toilet paper lang gusto mo ipunas sa pwet mo, whether may langaw ka sa lugaw mo at kahit hindi ka naliligo, the word of God will always be the same. It's not like oh this word is for these group of people, this for this. No it's not like that! Standard yan para sa lahat.

Kaya huwag nating gawin parang buffet table ang word of God. I mean you just take what you want and leave what you don't want or eat what you like and forget what you don't like. We should follow every single word written in it. Lahat lahatan yan.

Example you like this verse. "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Mark 11:24. So diyan tuwang tuwa ka kase sarap ng promise ni Lord! Then nabasa mo naman to "But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart." - Matthew 5:28. Tapos yan ayaw mo kase sarap na hobby niyan eh. Huwag yan Lord pleasure ko yan eh. Oh di ba parang that's something that does not come together. Dapat lahat kuha! Di pwede ang culture clash na yan sa word of God! :)

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  1. true enough, the Word of God is for everyone. Salvation is a gift, everybody is offered kasi kahit anumang lahi natin, lahat tayo makasalanan and we have one Saviour to save us all :) Very nice post :)