Monday, September 23, 2013


It's hard to say no to sin. Sin gives so much pleasure. Masarap talaga gumawa ng kasalanan, kung hindi ba naman masarap yan gagawin mo ba naman? Siempre hindi, but after that boooom! condemnation!

There are times in our life or most of the times, we choose to sin rather than to say no to sin. Example if somebody offers you a cigarette or a drink, its easier to say yes than to say no. Why is that? Because we protect our image, we want to be cool, be like them, we don't wanna be called KJ and all that. But the truth of the matter is (lalo na if you are a christian) after you fall into sin, sobra kang macocondemn.

Sa pag gawa ng kasalanan if we keep on practicing them it becomes a habit. The more you do it the more natural it's gonna be. I remember the first time I got drunk, nakakahiya umuwi ng bahay at first, cause you don't know what to say to your parents. Pero nung paulit ulit na akong umiinom, madali ng umuwi ng bahay ng walang takot kase I know what to say and I know how to deal with it.

 So paano tayo iiwas sa pag gawa ng kasalanan? Ganun din, example if someone offers you a cigarette or mag lasingan at gumapang ng sumusuka pauwi, learn how to say "No." Keep practicing on saying no, then it will become a habit. Hindi mo namamalayan ang daming beses mo na pala nakaiwas sa kakasabi mo ng "No!" Huwag naman No! in Jesus name I rebuke you! ang pagsabi. Just say "No." I tell you man, people around you will start to respect you."

I want to speak to my fellow Christians who are still struggling with sin. Pornography, drugs, lies, cigarettes, alcohol drinking, shabu pa o sapatos pa, all kinds of addiction etc. I say that God is in my life now but I'm still struggling as well. That means God still needs to do something in my life. I am no perfect, no one is. Pero we have to work with our best to stay out of it. We should pray for it and continue to seek him. The more time we have in seeking and knowing Christ the less chance we fall in temptations. Kaya sa mga fellow Christians na napapalayo kay Jesus, go back to him brother! It's not late yet! It will never be too late lalo when you involve Jesus in your life. And yeah don't forget to update your relationship with Jesus all the time!

Updating your iphone to iOS 7? Cool!
How about updating your relationship with Christ?

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